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Reviews and Articles

Journal of Cold War Studies Forum

Mark Kramer, Head of Harvard DAvic Center's Project on Cold War Studies and Editor i Cheif of the Journal, introduces the Forum, followed by commentary from five distinguished historians: James Goldgeier, Thomas W. Simons, Jr., Vladimir Pechatnov, Vladislav Zubok, and Dan Caldwell.


See the Summer Issue of the Journal

or see the .pdf here


Journal of Cold War Studies Forum

Philip Zelikow Commentary

Professor Zelikow discusses the influence of the Berlin/East Germany crisis on the Cuban Missile Crisis.



National Security Archives Briefing Book: Tommy Thompson-The Kremlinologist

The National Security Archives of George Washington University has posted a briefing book on The Kremlinologist, including scans of important documents cited in the book. Compiled and edited with contribution from Svetlana Savranskaya and Tom Blanton. See the original documents for yoursef.

National Security Archives Briefing Book: Tommy Thompson-The Kremlinologist

Professor David Foglesong review for H-Diplo

Old School Wise Men

by David Fogelesong

November 24, 2018


Robert Legvold Review

Review of The Kremlinologist by Robert Legvold for Foreign Affairs Magazine

Kremlinologist Review: A Starring Role Behind the Scenes by Bertrand Patenaude for THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

Wall Street Journal, April 4, 2018

"Llewellyn E. “Tommy” Thompson Jr., hardly a household name, deserves to be better known than he is. At various moments he may well have made the difference in preventing the Cold War from turning hot."

The Life and Work of a Moscow Pro by Jonathan B. Rickert for THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL

Foreign Service Journal, March 2018

"A vivid and compelling picture of the man and his career."

We've Forgotten a Lesson of the Cold War and One of the Wise Men Who Preached it

Jenny and Sherry Thompson for the History News Network, February 2018

“Thompson’s is an archetypal American Story that took him from the wilds of the American West at the beginning of the 20th century to inside the halls of the White House and behind the walls of the Kremlin.”

The Voice of Reason, by Megan Bennett for ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL NORTH

Article for Albuquerque Journal North, March 23, 2018

"It was his early years full of hard work, according o Jenny and her sister Sherry Thompson, that made him a direct but reasonable diplomat and negotiator."
Balance of Payments problem (16.2 KB)

Balance of Payments problem in the 1960's